Download Free Hi-Resolution Wood Textures

Let's celebrate what nature has to offer for all designers out there. Today, we've compiled more than 20 tree and wood textures in our collection of high resolution backgrounds. And we hope these unique textures can naturally unleash your creativity, inspire you to create something special in your design and appreciate the nature even more. All these textures have been scaled down and cropped for preview purpose. Click on the preview image to go to the download page and get it in high resolution.

Wood Floor Texture Petrified Wood Texture
Wood Floor Texture

Tree Bark Wood Texture Grain Wood Texture
Tree Bark Texture

Shattered Wood Texture Wood Texture
Shattered Wood Texture

Crack Painted Wood Distressed Wood Texture
Crack Painted Wood

Dirty Wooden Texture Tree Texture
Dirty Wood

Cracked Wood Texture Wood Background
Cracked Wood Background

Weathered Wood Stump Texture Wooden Block Texture
Weathered Wood Stump

Cut Tree Trunk Texture Grunge Wood Texture
Cut Tree Trunk Texture

Seasoned Wood Texture Red Painted wood texture
Seasoned Wood

Rough Log Texture Tree Bark Texture
Freshly Cut Log Texture

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