Photoshop Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you're a beginner or haven't been enlightened about these tips and tricks that you can do in Photoshop, I hope this compilation page might be useful for you. We'll keep adding more tips and tricks as life goes on, so it might be wise to bookmark this page if you're interested to learn more about this awesome software we hereby called Photoshop. There are plenty of ways for you to better utilized and optimized your Photoshop experience, and below are just some of them.

drawing dotted lines creating borders change color of image in photoshop create rounded corners

icon cropping tips image blending in Photoshop remove background with Pen Tool remove background with extract filter

Photoshop Action Using Coloring .atn file Using coloring PSD file smart guides in Photoshop

Save and use pattern Photoshop keyboard shortcuts rule of thirds in design and photography rotate brush in photoshop

Photo editing with adjustment layers How to use our Photo Effect Action


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Anonymous said...

Hey! i am just new to Photoshop and ur blog is really really helful i just love it but i just wanted to ask can we do the same like using PSD and blending image in Pixlr editor