Textures and Patterns: Free Resources

What would life be without sense of humor. What's a wall, without that sweet portrait and pretty wallpaper. Color makes everything interesting and patterns just keep us going, textures save us from being plain boring and this post will make sure that you don't miss anything. This is our texture and pattern section. We'll keep updating this page as we post more textures and patterns for your download. And here's a tip saving a pattern to be used in Photoshop: Save and Use Pattern in Photoshop

Fun Colors and Patterns HQ Paper Textures

Black Geometric Pattern Grunge Textures

Thin Stripes Textures Cloud and Sky Textures

Abstract Textures Resource Sites for Patterns Download

Scrapbook Textures Colorful Stripe Patterns

Paper Textures Collection HQ Wood Textures

Stripe Textures Fabric Textures

Black BG Patterns White Stripes Pattern

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