Ideas that Brighten Up Your Day

These photos are meant to give you some inspiration, make you laugh or at least smile. Some photos are real and some are creatively manipulated in Photoshop. You may have realized by now that everything is possible with the right dosage of imagination. Careful though, too much of it and you'll become schizophrenic. Some images are rightfully credited to the original creator. However, due to my lack of modern spy technology, I was not able to track all the owners. My sincere apology. If one of these images belong to you, a friend or a neighbor, do let me know and I'd be more than happy to put the credit. Hover your mouse on the picture to give you a sense of what's going on in each picture.

Doremi..Quack by Jon Barthell Self-Illumination by kutsche @ deviantart

Fugitive by Kaloyster Trembled Egg

Just another way to dissaprove - WTF by passiveaggressive @ flickr All the Words Turned to Dust

Falling Ducks When Life Gives You Snow, Make Snowmen

Build Your Own Path by xorsyst @ flickr Bring-Your-Dad-to-School Day

Ghostbusters Puss in Boots by Carioca (Romania)

Alien Abduction by 8533150@N04 @ flickr It's Fall Again by Jessica Rolland @ flickr

Ninja Attack by Elly Nelly Summer Sucks!

Low Ink Foam Monster Emotional Reunion with Severed Limb by Aled Lewis

A Painting Too Real by alltelleringet @ deviantart House for Sale