Glowing Image Effect in Photoshop CS2

How to get this glowing, smooth and angelic effect in Photoshop
1. Open your image. Crop, resize..etc.

2. If the image is too dark, duplicate the image and set it to screen. Repeat this step if it's still too dark. Adjust the opacity of this duplicate layer to your liking. If the image is just fine to you, skip this step.

3. Press CTRL+E to flatten the image.

4. Duplicate the flatten image. Set the top layer to overlay. Sometimes when you set the layer in step 4 to overlay, the image may look too bright, what you can do is...reduce the opacity of this layer or you can just set this layer to soft light instead of overlay.

5. Still working with the top layer, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the radius to 2.0 pixels or somewhere around that value..depending on your image.

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