Butterfly Brushes for Photoshop

Some people have a thing for butterfly. So, here's a selection of butterfly brushes for you. Do you realize that if we flip the b and fl in butterfly, it will become flutterby? I know, that is so yesterday right..of course everybody knows it. But I just have to write something as an intro and it's 2 in the morning, me babbling is unavoidable. Anyway, enjoy the brushes..good night and good luck.

Butterfly Wings Brush Set for CS2
Created by DeviantNep @ DeviantArt
Download Here

Butterfly Stamp Brushes
Created by butnotquite @ DeviantArt
Download Here

Butterflies with Trails Brushes for Photoshop 7 and up
Created by redheadstock @ DeviantArt
Download Here

Butterfly Sketches Brushes
Created by malstir @ DeviantArt
Download Here

Butterfly Brush for Photoshop
Created by DesigningDivas @ DeviantArt
Download Here

Pretty intense butterfly effect..eh ;)
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