50+ Coolest Grunge Fonts on the Planet

My list of 50 Coolest Grunge Fonts on the planet. Not only grunge fonts, I also included some eroded fonts, distorted fonts or even the stencil ones..whatever fits my grungy mood nowadays. All of them are free fonts..thanks to all those cool font-makers. So, if you're into grunge right now, go ahead and check out this list of my favorite grunge fonts..who knows, you might find something you like. Click on the font name to download the font.

28 Days Later

3rd Man


A Bite

Ambulance Shotgun


Appendix 3

Ascent 2 Stardom

Baron Kuffner

Base 02

Birth of A Hero

Boston Traffic

Broken 15

Broken Ghost

Broken 74

Capture It

Charles S

Cocaine Sans

Cold Coffee


Dirty Headline

DS Brushes

Green Piloww

Grunge Serifia



Headline One

Heroin 07

Inked God


Killed DJ

Linkin Park

Marcelle Script



Neoprint M319


Pulse Sans Virgin

Punk Rock Rummage Sale


Retro Rock Poster

Rough Linen

Rusted Plastic


Straight Face

The King & Queen

The Maple Origins

They're Coming to Take Me Away


Unconform Round

Vinyl Stickons

Viper Nora

So, picked your favorite grunge fonts yet? Or maybe you have something to add to the list. I'm always open to suggestions =)

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Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for this resource. My font count just went up by 40!

ACE said...

Hehe..congratulation for that..I'm always happy to help =)

shashi said...

waw.. it's cool.. thanks for share..

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Anonymous said...

Dig man, you're cool. Thanx.
They look SO grunge. Sometimes they put in a lot of punky post-core stuff but your collection makes me really want to go for screamin trees one more time.

Sairah said...

That's a really nice collection of fonts =)

I especially liked the various lyrics, very clever way of displaying them, I would have never thought of that. ^^

I'll most likely be downloading a lot of them- thanks for the resource!

Anonymous said...

hahhaha, awsome... and every picture of the font is liryc from the song...

morat said...

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Oliver said...

Great post, thx :)
Also some free grunge fonts http://www.fonts2u.com/category.html?id=42

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jevionese said...

Waw! It is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

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Thx for those grundge font. This will help me a lot

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