Free Blood Splatter Brushes for Photoshop

The title is blood splatter but really, these brushes can be anything...paint splatter, ink splatter, dirt splatter..just use your imagination, we've got all kinds of splatters here. This compilation of 15 splatter brush sets is no doubt a useful resource if you're thinking of making some dark arts or a bright, funky one. Download link will take you to the artist download page. And some artists do have their own rules if you're planning on using their'll be nice if you can respect the rules and we all can live happily ever after =) well, except for all those wild animals trapped in the Gulf oil spill.

Cool Grungy Splatter Brush Pack
Created by garfcore @ Deviantart

Bloody Splatter brushes
Created by env1ro @ Deviantart

Blood splatter brushes for Photoshop
Created by vexingart @ Deviantart

Blood Drop and Splatters Brush Set
Created by falln-brushes @ Deviantart

Splatter Photoshop Brushes
Created by leedeeya @ Deviantart

Paint Splatter Brushes
Created by aspick666 @ Deviantart

Paint Splats Brushes for Photoshop
Created by circle--of--fire @ Deviantart

Blood and Ink Brush Set
Created by hitokiri147 @ Deviantart

Paint Splatter Brush Set
Created by arcandio @ Deviantart

Dry Blood Brushes
Created by leatherfeet @ Deviantart

Vector Splatter Brushes for Photoshop
Created by psydoxart @ Deviantart

Paint Splatter Brush Pack
Created by beyondtonight @ Deviantart

Blood and Paint Splatter Brushes
Created by justsomeboy @ Deviantart

Crime Scene Blood Splatter Brushes
Created by cloaks @ Deviantart

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shashi said...

waw!!.. it's very cool.. i like it..
thanks for share..

nati said...

one link which happen to be the necessery one is missing. check it.

ink splatter photoshop brushes said...

Wow this is a great collection of blood splatters!

One link missing I think though.

Thanks alot!!

Stitched Stories said...

thanks for such a nice collection.
i have a question though: once we have downloaded the brushes, do we still have to install them or something!?

*aCe* said...

Yes, you have to load the brush into Photoshop. You can Google how to do this.