Photoshop CS2: As Real As it Gets

Today, I discovered two awesome stuffs on the internet. First, a brilliant song by Glass Pear called Ghost..but, let's not talk about that because we all know, it would be kind of off-topic here...and second, the 'Real Photoshop' image below. It's the coolest image I have seen in a long time...with brilliant concept and super-awesome execution. For a Photoshop enthusiast like me, every time I look at it, it brings a smile to my face. Seriously, the awesomeness factor just went through the ionosphere with this image! I wish my Photoshop layout looks like this already!

Credit to Wandaaaa and the creator of this Photo, two thumbs up for bringing PS to life!

You can download the Hi-res HERE
Trust looks even better in high resolution =)


Anonymous said...

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SLDIM said...

wow this is very inventive..

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