All the Crazy + Fun Stuffs To Do in Photoshop

Photoshop isn't just for editing the brightness or increasing the contrast of your photo. There's no boundaries to all the crazy and fun stuffs you can do with Photoshop. With enough RAM, a pinch of imagination and some Photoshop skillz, you can create any effect you like. Compiled below are some tutorials to guide you thru the wonderful world of Photoshopping. Some effects can take only a couple of minutes and some could take hours, depending on how steep your learning curve is =)

Ghost-rider Skull Effect in Photoshop
How do you convince your girlfriend that you actually signed a contract with a demon to be a Ghost Rider? Here's her your flaming skull picture. Of course, she won't believe you..well, we both know you're just hallucinating, right? Remember the time you insist that you're a Ghost Whisperer. That didn't turn out so good.

Turn an Earthling into a blue Na'vi
Avatar is so famous that some people is speaking Na'vi right now. If you like Avatar so much or feel like mocking the movie, let's try this effect. Tom Cruise made a handsome Na'vi. Let's turn Katie and little Suri into Na'vi people too. Then, they all can live happily ever after in a beautiful planet called Pandora (wherever that is).

How to Add Angel (or demon) Wings to your Portrait
So, you're not an angel or anything, but after watching that tooth fairy movie, you wish you had wings. Well, we don't have a magic wand to grant your wish, but Photoshop can feed some of your fantasy.

Retouch your Skin and remove all that Blemish
Hey! even our 'head-to-toe-perfect' celebrities use this don't have to be ashamed of yourself. So, nobody's perfect, and you're nobody, but that doesn't mean you can't be picture perfect.

Adding Tattoo to Your Skin Using Photoshop
So needle makes you shrink in fear, but you really wish you can prove to your online buddy who lives a few time zones away that you got yourself a tattoo last summer. Why you're lying to him in the first place, we don't wanna know, but this tutorial might help help you solve the problem..unless he's working with the CSI unit and has that cool program that detects fake photo.

Colorful Swirling Light Effect in Photoshop
You always have that perfect jump. Your friends said, you could be the next jumping model. Let's add some magical effects to that jump. Light swirling around you, coming out of your hands, that's gotta be cool.

Face Shattered Like Glass Effect in Photoshop
Your head doesn't explode, it shattered to pieces like a glass. Why would you want to learn this effect, I don't know..for your facebook profile picture maybe..

Transform a Young girl into an Old Woman in Photoshop
You won't need a time-machine to figure out how you look 50 years from now. Spend some times with Photoshop and you'll get an older version of you..or your friends or your enemies..depends on your intention here. Mmm..what a coincidence here. First, we have Tom turning blue and now we have Katie getting old. TomKat is really dominating the world here..

Make Button in Photoshop
Who knows, someday you'll wake up in the morning and decide your true calling is to be a digital button maker. Now, this tutorial might comes in handy for you to serve your purpose in life.

Severed Arm Effect in Photoshop
You scared your mother to death with this picture. Now you have to apologize to her for the rest of your life. Ryan Tedder would say, 'It's too late to apologize' but you can keep trying..and stop scaring your friends too. I know it's fun.

Blurry Ghost-like Effect
If somehow you're stuck in another frequency (however impossible that may sound), this would be your picture..well, at least it's what all the science fiction movies taught us. If you're still in the real world, and wish to have a picture like above, then Photoshop is the answer.

Turn yourself (or others) into Zombie in Photoshop
If you're stuck in Zombieland, remember this, "Don't Be a Hero". If you're stuck in a messed-up real world, and have nothing to do in Halloween, this effect could be fun to learn. Let's turn everyone in the neighborhood into zombies, shall we?

Glittering Fairy Eyes Effect
Ever dream of being a fairy and realize it's impossible to come true? Maybe we just settle with a picture instead. It's not so bad really, you still have that dusty glittering eyes.

Shattering Debris Effect on a Portrait
Get the grungy cool effect on your portrait with colorful gradient and shattering on the edge. This tutorial shows an effective and brilliant way of blending textures into an image.

Space Effect in Photoshop
So, you've never been to space. But it isn't rocket science to create a space effect on Earth. All you need is Photoshop and a little bit of imagination..won't be a problem, right? We all know your imagination goes beyond the seventh sky.

Destroyed City Landscape Effect
Feels like destroying all the famous building on Earth after watching 2012 movie? Problem is, you don't have that much of a budget like the director of that movie had. This tutorial will guide you how to spread the pain to the cities with a slightly lower budget.

Wicked Fiery Eyes Effect in Photoshop
You see the picture above, you know what this tutorial does to your eyes. Interested of becoming the yellow-eyed demon?..then let's do it. Click the link and fire up your Photoshop.

Create Realistic Company Stamp
Interesting stuff to learn if you ever need to forge a company stamp or decide it's cool to have the stamp of your unregistered company all over your digital works..sort of signature or something.

Cracking Face Effect
The secret lies in the texture you choose for this effect. With the right blending technique, you can be cracking in no time.

Color your Hair in Photoshop
Rainbow-colored much does it cost? More than you can afford perhaps. But a picture of rainbow-colored hair..that's free if you have Photoshop. This tutorial will guide you on how to color your hair in Photoshop.

Turn People to Fruit People
You're thinking of turning your boss into a pumpkin this Halloween, and emailing it to everyone at work? This tutorial can help you accomplish your evil plan. It's a pear but..pear, pumpkin..sounds similar to me. It's the same concept nevertheless.


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