Free Scrapbook Design Theme Resources

I've always love scrapbook theme in web design. There's a warm feeling that I cannot explain. The random images and colorful pattern textures just make it more personalized and welcoming to the visitors. There are a lot of resources out there to help you create the warmest design. Some will cost you money which I'm sure is not the best option for you if you're just designing for fun. But there's plenty of free stuffs too if you know where to look. Whether you're a web designer, a scrapbooker gone digital or you just love that collage theme design, I'm sure these free resources will be useful to you. Click on the image to go to the creators' page..and remember to follow their rules if any.

Scrap book template and elements: Promise

Digital Scrap Book Template and Elements
Theme: Promise (Grab it while it's still free)
Image: Ribbon, flower, butterfly, paper frames, paper textures

Scrap Book Template: Sweet Serenity

Digital Scrap Book Template and Elements
Theme: Sweet Serenity (Grab it while it's still free)
Image: Scrapbook textures, flowers, ribbons

Digital Scrap Book

Digital Scrap Book Template and Elements
Theme: Express Yourself (Grab it while it's still free)
Image: Paper, Colorful Pens, Ribbons, Flowers, Buttons, Paperclips

Digital Scrap Book Template

Digital Scrap Book Template Only

Digital Scrap Book Design

Digital Scrap Book Template plus Ornaments and Paper Texture
Theme: Springy Little Something (Grab it while it's still free)
Image: Cardboard Paper, clouds, stamp frame, leaves, flowers

Pattern Paper Texure

Scrap Book Pattern Paper Texture
Theme: Hurry Up Spring (Grab it while it's still free)

Scrap Book Design Theme

Digital Scrapbooking Design Theme
Theme: You Are My Sunshine (Grab it while it's still free)
Image: Flower, Plaid ribbons, Paper textures, leaves

Christmas Theme Clipart

Christmas and Party Clipart
Theme: O Christmas Baby
Image: Presents, teddy bear, lady in colorful dress, tie, stockings

Vintage Valentine's Day Clipart

Vintage Valentine's Day Theme Clipart plus 6 Satin Paper Textures
Theme: Stupid Cupid

Paper Textures for Scrapbooking

Colorful Scrap Book Paper Textures

Vintage Papers

Vintage Paper Textures
Colorful Pattern for Digital Scrap Book Design

Stock Image for Collage Design

Stock Image and Paper Textures for Collage Design
Colorful Frame Images, math-book paper

Art and Vintage Textures

Art and Vintage Theme Large Textures

Colorful Pattern

Colorful Pattern Textures

Vintage Design

Textures and Stock Image for Vintage Theme Design
Image: Feather, Vintage frame, Random Pictures

Retro Theme Design Stock Images

Torn Old Paper Textures and Polaroid Frames

Collage Design

Stock Image for Retro Collage Design

Large Textures

Large Textures and Images

Polaroid and Frame Textures

Textures: Polaroid, Frames and Papers

Colorful Collage Theme Design

Colorful Collage Theme Textures

Collage Textures

Collage theme design, Torn Paper Textures

Walking on Sunshine

Paperclip, Notebook Textures, Frames Stock Image

Retro Textures

Retro-Colored Textures

Notebook Paper Textures

Notebook Paper Textures, Torn Paper and Flower stock Image

Newspaper Textures and Heart Image

Torn Newspaper Textures and Colorful Heart-Shaped Paper Image

Collage Textures and Stock Image

Polaroid Textures, Newspaper Textures, Stock Image for Collage Design

Scrapbook Textures

Large Colorful Scrapbook Textures

Large Textures

Paper Textures and Stock Image for Scrap Book Design

Band-aid Stock Image

Collection of Band-aid Stock Image

Vintage Stock Images

Vintage theme: Paper Textures, Stock Images, Polaroid Frames
Image: Scribble, phone booth, flower, vintage car, scissors, polaroid frame


Doodle Swirly Brushes to Decorate Your Scrapbook
Doodle Frame Brushes to Frame Your Photos
This site automatically search the web for free Scrapbooking resources and list them in one place. Who knows, it's your lucky day to find something cool today.

Well, let's just say..stuffs are not 100% free on the sites listed below but they do provide freebies to download..and they're pretty too. So, check out their Freebies section!


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