Fabulous Fonts in Capital Letters

In your design, sometimes it will be much easier to use all uppercase fonts. Naturally, when you type in caps, each letter takes the same amount of space horizontally and vertically. So, you can closely arrange a word without overlapping the words below or above it which often happens when dealing with the g's, y's, l's or k's in lowercase letters. Of course there's no denying that a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters can sometimes make your design more interesting. It's really up to your creative mind to decide. But I'm writing today to share some of the free fonts available out there that will look fabulous in capital letters.

*Click on the image to download the fonts =)

Anime Ace
28 Days Later Linkin Park vtc supermarket sale

BD Cartoon Shout
Grunge Serifia The Maple Origins SF Intoxicated Blues

FFF Tusj
7 League Gothic Dupree Cooper Black

Billie Barred Badaboom BB Franchise

Killed DJ They're Coming to Take Me Away Gee Whiz

Viper Nora
Impact Headline Dirty Headline

Capture It
Blue Highway BEBAS An Ode to Noone



Nastia said...

they're so greeat!
thank's for the sharingg.
i was looking for such fonts for a long time.))

Azurite said...

Great resource! Hey, what if I wanted to use these "samples" as icons? Should I give credit, and if so, how? Just link back to the site/blog?

*aCe* said...

Hi Azurite,

You're welcome to use the samples as icons. A credit to this blog would be nice =)

o2 said...

Can I also using one of it as an icon? I would credit to this blog

*aCe* said...

Hey o2,

Yeah, sure. You can use any of these as icons. No problem =)