Download Action: Dragan Effect

The Dragan Effect is made popular by its pioneer, Andrzej Dragan, a Polish photographer (hence the name 'Dragan'). This photo effect enables you to see every last bit of texture in your portrait. It emphasizes each line, freckle, wrinkle and pore captured by the camera, giving your photo kind of dark and grungy look. It's like you're standing face to face with the subject. With the right portrait, you can imitate this effect beautifully in Photoshop. Download our Dragan Effect Photoshop action and start your portrait project now. Tip: For more intense effect, merge all the layers after you run the action. Then, try the Unsharp Mask to sharpen the image even more.

Download Action: Dragan Effect Action

How To Use: Guidelines To Use Our Photo Effect Action

Dragan Effect - Before and After Image

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