Download Action : Pencil Sketch Effect

It may not be a perfect sketch but it's quite awesome (as awesome as watching Portugal scoring 7 goals in one game). Featured action for today is the pencil sketch effect action for Photoshop. This action set contains 5 actions. Each can create the sketch effect as shown in the preview images. Create your own black and white pencil sketch, or try our colored-pencil sketch featuring matrix-green, blue, sepia and red color. Tip 1: If you want a smooth sketch, start with a large image, run the action, and then resize the image to be smaller. Tip 2: You can also set layer 'Background copy 3' to invisible if that looks nicer on your picture.

Download Action: Pencil Sketch Effect Action Set

How To Use: Guidelines To Use Our Photo Effect Action

Pencil Sketch Effect (Before and After Image)

Color Pencil Sketch

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