Download Adjustable Text Effect Action Set

Weekend is coming and it's time for a new action. This action set contains 12 effects for your text. And what so special about it, is that all 12 effects are totally adjustable after you are done running the action. The effects are created using the available Layer Style options in Photoshop. So, you can always manually change your font, size of the text, even the color if you want, after the final result. Preview of all 12 actions are included below. And after the preview, you can view a user guide for the action as well. Enjoy and have fun!

Download Action: Text Effect Action Set

A/N: Sometimes people ask what font I used for my text. So, for this post, I've provided the links to download all the fonts used in the preview. You can click on the preview image to download the font. Last time I checked, all of the fonts are still free.

Ice Effect Text .. Golden Text

Jelly Text Effect .. Glass Text Effect

Cracked Stone Text with Dirty Headline Font
Metallic Text Effect .. Cracked Stone Text

Chrome Text with Deutsch Gothic Font Bling Text with Deftone Stylus Font
Chrome Text .. Bling Text

Billboard Text with NiteClub Font
Neon Text Effect .. Bee Movie Text

Alien Text with Mumsies Font Shine Metal Text with Varsity Regular Font
Alien Movie Text Effect .. Shining Metal Text


1. Open a new document in Photoshop. Select and run the action.

2. A small window as shown below will appear. Like the instruction says, click the 'Stop' button. Choose your Type Tool by hitting T on your keyboard. Then, type in your word. Don't worry about the font, color or size of your text. And the world will not end if you misspelled the word. You can change and correct them later if necessary.

3. To continue, hit the Play button again on your action palette. And you're done. Below is the result.

4. Now, if you think you need to do some adjustment on the font or the size of your text, click on the icon shown below to bring out your Text palette.

In the Text palette, you can change the font, size of your text and also the gap between the letters.

5. Further adjustment can be done if you decide to create something different with the effect. Take a look at your Layer Palette. Click on the drop-down arrow to see the Layer Effects applied to the text. You can explore them and create something new.

This action set includes:
Gel Text Effect, Ice Snow Text Effect, Bee Movie Text Effect, Metallic Text Effect, Chrome Text Effect, Cracked Stone Text, Glass Text, Alien Text, Billboard Text, Bling Text and Gold Text.


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Thank you very much for all the great resources and tutorials. You are very kind to share with us and take the time to invest.

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