Download Retro Old Photo Effect Action

One more photo effect action for your download. This action will give a yellowish retro-style look on your photograph. This retro effect is achieved using adjustment layers in Photoshop to allow some flexibility on your side. After you've run the action, you can change the settings of the adjustment layers according to your image. If you start with a slightly dark image, duplicate the image and set the layer to screen to increase the exposure. Some sample images included below.

Download Action: Retro Old Photo Effect

How To Use: Guidelines To Use Our Photo Effect Action

Old Retro Photo Effect Action


Lauren Marie said...

that guy looks familiar. what is his name?

*aCe* said...

He's a Canadian actor..Justin Chatwin.

Lauren Marie said...

oooh coolness. he's quite the cutie. i thought he was Steven Yaffee @ first XD