Gallery : It's a Toy Story

I was watching Shrek and then there's a trailer of Toy Story 3. And it just gave me this idea for our next inspirational gallery. So, I did some flickr-ing and compiled this cute and amazing toys photography. Each photo tells its own story. Our interpretation of what we see may be different and that's the fun thing about it. I like to believe that there's no boundaries to imagination. So, sit back and enjoy the story. And maybe create your own some day.

Optimus Prime by isayx3 @ flickr

Godzilla by shotbart @ flickr

Easter Vacation by renatamotta @ flickr

The War Zone by stevedave @ flickr

Cars by polvero @ flickr

Twister Troopers by valpopando @ flickr

Summer by The Pool by jdhancock @ flickr

A Walk to Remember by jdhancock @ flickr

Storm Troopers Fighting the Battle by kiwi_gal @ flickr

Storm Troopers - 2 Casualties by kiwi_gal @ flickr


Novell said...

miniature subjects presented in gigantic awesomeness

clippingimages said...

those are really good........

Kaetarin said...

These are so fantastic and I love the photos that you have chosen. One doesn't often think of toys beyond beings toys - items to entertain or teach children. It's thought-provoking to see them displayed in such a way.