Create Dark and Gloomy Photo Effect

Feeling blue right now? Let's create something to reflect that mood. This photoshop action is especially made to achieve the dark and gloomy look on your image. All you have to do is download and save the action to your hard disk. Load it in Photoshop. Open your image and run the action. Less than three seconds you'll get something like the sample image shown below. Before and after the blue and gloomy effect. This effect is created using adjustment layers. So, you're free to adjust the settings to achieve what's best for your starting photo. Tips: You can try setting the blending mode of the 2nd image layer to what looks good for your image. For instance, in the example below, the 2nd layer set to Color Burn with 95% opacity. You can try with Screen or Overlay blending modes as well.

Download Action: Dark Gloomy Effect

How To Use: Guidelines To Use Our Photo Effect Action

Dark Gloomy Coloring Effect in Photoshop

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