PS Action: Enhancing Your Portrait Coloring

This morning, I feel like I have to post something here. So, I've created a simple action in Photoshop. Download and run this action in Photoshop to get a nice and bright effect on your portrait image, or whatever image you feel like using. Tips: You can adjust the opacity of each layer to get the best look for your image. There's a Color Balance adjustment layer included in this photo effect. You're welcomed to adjust the settings to get the right coloring for your image. In my sample image, I decided to enhance the red and yellow. Well, download this action, and your facebook profile picture doesn't have to be dull anymore =)

Download Action: Bright Photo Effect

How To Use: Guidelines To Use Our Photo Effect Action

More sample images:


Anonymous said...

Nice effect.
Thanks for sharing. (:

International Manual Clipping Path said...

Nice tutorial, the result is wonderful.. thanks

Giulia said...

Thanks, it looks really nice!