25 Free Light Textures for Your Download

Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones. In this case, they illuminate your design as well. Light textures shine everywhere around the web, but today we brought to you 25 best (okay maybe 26 to make it even) light textures that you can download for free. Click on the preview picture to download the texture, credit goes to the creator. Don't forget to check out this blog next week, and we'll show you some tips on how to get the best out of these light textures. Update: It seems that a week had passed, and you can read the tips here -- Some Tips on Using Light Textures to Decorate your Photo

By hiimlucife @ deviantart By beakee @ flickr

Cloudy Light Texture by alba.ancestral-eyes.net Bokeh Light by jrrpro.com

COlorful Light by bl0ody4ngel @ deviantart Purple Light Texture by instantrock @ deviantart

By tearfulcreations @ deviantart By diellza @ deviantart

HD Light Texture by the-torches.com 6 Large Light Textures by peytonsworld @ deviantart

Light Textures by letzte-regen @ deviantart 600x800 Light Textures by acidicicons @ deviantart

By dearest @ livejournal By froozen-tears @ deviantart

2 Light Textures by caotiicah @ deviantart Large Textures by crazykira-resources @ deviantart

By s3cretlady @ deviantart By sugarfeathers @ deviantart

By crazykira-resources @ deviantart By lilbrokenangel @ deviantart

By lifeisdolce @ deviantart Heart Textures by favo123 @ deviantart

By spikesbint @ deviantart 16 Large Textures by xnienke @ deviantart

Dancing Light by monxcheri @ deviantart Big Light Textures by ransie3 @ deviantart


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