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Somewhere out there, I believe there exist some of us with a slight obsession over lomo effect. Lomography is associated with vibrant colored images, sometimes blurry and highly saturated. With the vignettes framing the shot, it just makes the photo more unique and special in its own way. I could have written another tutorial in this Photoshop Blog about creating lomography effect in Photoshop, instead I'm gonna refrain myself from doing so because there's so many great tutorials, PS actions and resources out there. So today, we're just gonna steer you to the right direction and hopefully you'll find what you're looking for.

Lomo photography using Photoshop
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This tutorial will guide you on getting your digital images to look like Lomo photography using Photoshop. This is one of the best lomography tutorials available on the web. Why don't you give it a shot.

Lomo Effect in Photoshop
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Again, another tutorial to simulate the effects of a lomo camera. Start with creating a strong, noticeable vignette and carry on to get the high contract color on the photo.

Lomo Photo Effect
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Another easy to follow tutorial on getting the lomo effect on your picture with a little bit of story explaining the real meaning of lomo (if anyone ever ask you).

Lomography Coloring
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A tutorial detailing on how to convert a regular image into a photo with lomo like colors. And it will continue to show you can later make this photo look like as if it was taken with a fisheye lens.

Lomo FX photograph
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Before and After image of a lomo effect photograph. If you like the result, go on and check out this tutorial. Learn how to get that vintage yellowish/greenish color on your photo and figure out how to add that vignette effect (the blacken edge on the photo).

Lomo FX with PS Elements
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For those without Photoshop, we wouldn't want you to miss the excitement. You can also achieve the lomo effect using PS Elemens. Last time we checked, PS ELements is still free and this tutorial will guide you through the process of creating lomography out of your ordinary photo.

Dark processed lomo effect
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A slightly different approach in translating lomography into a photo. Not as bright as the other lomography photo we have seen before. Hence it's call a dark processed lomo effect. If you lke this kind of effect om your photo, this is a great tutorial on how to achieve it.

Lomography Effect Tutorial
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Simulate the lomography effect with this Photoshop action. This Photoshop action is created based on a combination of several tutorials available all around the web. This action uses adjustment layers. So, you can easily adjust the settings after running the action to get what's the best for your photo.

Lomo Effect PS Actions
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Here's another good Photoshop action set for you to achieve the lomo effect on your photo. Perhaps this can save you some time if you're already know how to use action in Photoshop.

beautiful lomo photographs
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A little showcase of 30 beautiful lomo photographs. Include also some excellent links for lomo resources and tutorials.

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