Color Palette for Your Design Inspiration

What do I know about color harmony? Probably not enough to make you understand. But all of us were born with the natural talent to identify beauty when we see it. We might interpret things differently though. So, you can agree with me with these collection of color combo or we can agree to disagree. These are some of the color palettes that I really like {We, @ Best Photoshop Tutorials, think they're awesome!}. Each palette is a combination of five colors. You can use all five in your design or choose two or three that managed to catch your attention. Doesn't matter how you use them, what I really hope is that this post can give you some ideas on where to start with your color selection. I include a color swatch that contains all the colors in this post for your download, in case you wannna do your own mix and match in Photoshop.

Download Color Swatch

Click on image above to download the Color Swatch


Robin M said...

Great idea & Beautiful work ! Thanks dude !

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fantastic. thanks a lot. regards frim Poland.

jigolo said...

useful sharing thanks