Collection Of Retro Color Pallete

Vintage vs. retro, is there any difference between these two? I'm sure Google will have the answer to this question. Some of us may even have their very own opinion on this. Whatever it is, let's not argue about it here. Because today, I'm going to share with you a bunch of color palettes which I found very interesting and beautiful. Call them vintage colors or if it suit you more, you can classify them as retro color. you can download all the color swatch by clicking the pallette image. On the Colourlovers page, scroll down to see the hex color codes. And on the right hand side, there's a menu called "Download Options". Choose ACO to download the swatch to your computer. One more thing, if you're interested to get the the preview patterns next to each color palette, you can find all of them HERE.

Vintage Color

retro Color

Vintage Color Pallete

Vintage Color Combo

Cute Vintage Color

retro Color combo

Vintage Color: paquet

Vintage Color: Anthropologie

Vintage Color: 300 Lovers

Vintage Color: 015

retro Color: 49 years ago

retro Color: living for dreams

retro Color: For Amy

retro Color: Winds Of My Soul

retro Color: Fragrance-i


Brian Tambourini said...

Nice post, vintage vs retro will go on for ever, I think they're the same though :P

Thanks for the link to the palletes though :)

stardust said...

I absolutely adore the site ColourLovers, not only do they spark ideas, but you get to see what others are creating.
In my opinion vintage is older than retro, and I adore both.

Photo Editing said...

I like these patterns, some of them looks like bedsheets patterns.