20 Lovely Romantic Fonts

Looking for a cute font to express your love and romantic gesture. Maybe you're browsing the web for a nice script/calligraphy font for your wedding card (or for a friend if you haven't found your soul-mate yet). You could be in a situation where you're designing a valentine day card and just wish you had a selection of several romantic fonts to choose from. Well, today isn't a bad day after all for you because here we got a list of 20 romantic fonts for you to download.

If these aren't enough for you, we got another list here: Romantic and Script Fonts

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1. Font: Violation Download Here

2. Font: Mistral Download Here

3. Font: Pea Steph Download Here

4. Font: Bradley Hand ITC Download Here

5. Font: Hansa Download Here

6. Font: Carpenter Download Here

7. Font: Fling Let Download Here

8. Font: Smitten Kitten Download Here

9. Font: Middle Saxony Text Download Here

10. Font: Linotype Zapfino Download Here

11. Font: Ibleum Download Here

12. Font: Old Script Download Here

13. Font: Beautiful ES Download Here

14. Font: Splendid ES Download Here

15. Font: The King and Queen Font Download Here

16. Font: Daisy Script Download Here

17. Font: Cheri Download Here

18. Font: Jane Austen Download Here

19. Font: Rai Download Here

20. Font: Allison Download Here


Anonymous said...

Thx for these... always love new fonts!
The Carpenter one wanted $$. And another link didn't work... can't remember which one now.
Thx somuch for all youpost - excellent PS sources!

Anonymous said...

Oh, really..sorry..I didn't realize that. Thanks for letting me know. I've change the link for the Carpenter font. It's free now.

Andy Strachan said...

Thanks, a great resource - some excellent fonts.

Anonymous said...

Great Resource.

I would like to point that 10 (Linotype Zapfino) isn't free.

fairuz said...

thx a lot..