Best Sites to Download Free Patterns

Sometimes, a white paint isn't gonna work for your wall decoration, you might opt for a nice wallpaper instead. Similar to design, there's time when that plain color isn't enough to give your work that fantastic look you're aiming for..and it's time like this you need to search for some textures or patterns. You can use patterns for any purpose you like, as background and foreground for images, wallpapers, web layouts or any other purpose you can think of. Virtually, there are no limitations...And the collection of sites below will help you get the right patterns for your design. Also..check out this tutorial: How to Save and Use Pattern in Photoshop

A very cool website for you to find out a good color palette for your design, get inspired or be the inspiration to others, submit your own pattern or download some for yourselves.

everyday icons
Inspired by those cute and colorful Japanese pattern, this website has a collection of fun, retro patterns suitable for your bright and flashy, eye-catching design.

ava7 patterns
A pretty cool site to search for patterns by color or shape. More than a thousand collection of patterns, you're bound to find something useful here.

The Design Inspiration is created by a group of designers who are seeking various design inspiration every day. This site features the best logos, illustrations, websites, photos and more importantly, patterns from the most talented designers from all around the world.
This site is an excellent online pattern design resource for designers, artists, web developers and social network users. Patterns can be used for twitter backgrounds, artwork, web designs and anywhere else desired.

This site is a good resource for deliciously pixellated patterns. How delicious it can be? You just have to check it out to know for sure. You can also submit your own pattern here.

According to the site creator, this site was created to make it easier to find high quality free seamless patterns. It allows you to search patterns by color. You should check it out...nice selection of patterns here.

This is a simple, easy to navigate pattern resource site. If you'd like a simple pattern design for your site background, try browsing this site. Who knows, you might find something you like here.

You can add your own colors to contemporary and retro pattern designs, or browse from thousands of pre-colored patterns in the seamless pattern background library. If you're looking for some unique patterns, this is a site to go.
You got passion for patterns? Then, this is a terrific site for you. This site offers free seamless repeat patterns and textures in vector and pixel format. It also looks for pattern design resources in both print and digital form and collects them on this website.

All patterns come in multitudes of colors, most in two sizes. Search from retro classic patterns to modern geometric patterns, all available in this site.

Shizoo Frozen Media
Simple textures and patterns worth checking out.


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