Old Vintage Photo Effect Action

I found this action while browsing the internet for something cool and fabulous. And now, I'm addicted to this action. What this action does essentially is give your photo that old vintage look with an interesting coloring and lomo effect. And what I'm doing now is sharing with you my addiction. This old vintage action works well with any photo, even those you took with your digital camera.

You can download the old vintage action HERE.
You can learn how to use action file in general HERE.
You can turn back time and make everything alright..Mmm, sorry I don't have a link for that, you just gonna have to deal with it.



And read more for some teasers I made to tease you into this addiction =)
All photos below were cross-processed using the Old Vintage Action.


Anne Clarissa said...

the download link doesn't work :(

Ace said...

It's still working for me..click on the download link, you'll reach a flickr page...scroll down a little bit, you'll see a link to download the action.