Frame Border Brushes Collection

What's a picture without a good frame..that's right, it's just a picture. And if you have Photoshop, using the picture frame brushes, you can decorate your photo or design..making it more interesting and unique compared to your other regular pictures. Following this geeky introduction are some of the best frame border brushes you could ever found on the web. Download links will take you to the artist to these talented people among us =)

Download Tech Vector Border Brush Set

Download Very Cute Corner Brushes

Download Simple Medieval Border Brush Set

Download Cool Spider web Border Brushes

Download Flower Picture Frames Brushes

Download Grunge Floral Swirl Brushes

Download Floral decorated frame brushes

Download Grunge Halftone Frame Brush

Download Tech and Floral Border Brushes

Download Antique Picture Frame Brushes

Download Curly and Flowery Border Brush Set

Download Grunge Film Strip Frame Brush Set

Download Rough and Grunge Border Brushes

Download Grunge Border Brush Pack


Anonymous said...

Very good and great work!
Thanks a lot

Felice Sadira said...

Those are great brushes, thanks for sharing bro :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! ^^