The Polaroid Coloring (you've been looking for)

In this modern world, almost anything is possible. To say nothing is impossible might be a statement of exaggeration but it's not hard to believe that it's possible for you to get a polaroid picture without having to buy a polaroid camera. The picture might not pop right away from your camera but some simple post-processing in Photoshop can make a great digital polaroid photo. Not long ago, I wrote a tutorial on how to achieve the polaroid coloring effect on your digital photo. But we're all very busy nowadays and who has time to read a tutorial anyway. So, simplify your life and download the action or psd file instead, whichever you feel comfortable working with (I'm all about option here). If this is the polaroid coloring you've been searching for, go ahead and download otherwise you'll just have to keep looking.

Download Polaroid Coloring Action file

Download Polaroid Coloring PSD file

Original photo by fiskfisk @ flickr

Original photo by fiskfisk @ flickr

Polaroid Coloring Effect in Photoshop

More samples:

Original photo by eqqman @ flickr Original photo by machado17 @ flickr


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