Cross Processing in Photoshop: Dream Big Actions Volume 2

Happy New Year! Some people start their new year with a new resolution. But I still have a few of unresolved resolutions from last year. So, I'm gonna kick off 2011 with a new blog post instead and just see how it goes from here. If you haven't check out part 1 of this post, you can find it HERE. More than 500 fans had downloaded the action set and I hope at least 90% of them are happy with the result. If you don't know what action is, maybe 2011 (who knows what's gonna happen in 2012) will be a great year to start learning about it HERE or some other place. Trust me, it'll only make your life easier. And without further ado, I'm launching part 2 of the action set. I hope you'll have some fun playing with it.


Download PSD Files: DREAM BIG PSD - Vol 2

How to Use: Guidelines to Use our Photo Coloring Action

Original photo by jasonpier @ flickr

Dreamy coloring Photo
Soft and Dreamy Effect {Imagine You and Me}

Original photo by jetsetwilly @ flickr

Enhance Portrait Coloring
Lighten up your Portrait Coloring {Dynamite}

Original photo by martinlabar @ flickr

X-process in Photoshop
Pop the Red and Yellow in Your Photo {Wildfire}

Original photo by adwriter @ flickr

Image coloring Action
Retro Old Coloring in Your Photo {Rainbows and Butterflies}

Original photo by a4gpa @ flickr

Brownish Color Effect
Crystal Clear Brownish Effect {Coffee City}

I would love to see your result with this action. Leave a comment and share it with the rest of our friends here ;)


sujus said...

u know wats so grand about you?? it that no good photographer i have ever met, has had the courage to part with his technique and you so easily give it to others... kudos to you for being a super photographer and a person. thanks and happy new yr

Briggie said...

hi there...could you also include how to create text effect in photoshop?i would love to learn... :)
and you're awesome!!!

*aCe* said...

Hi Briggie,

May I know what kind of text effect you wanted to learn? I posted a couple tutorials and Action Sets before. You check them out: Text Effect. Or let me know if you wanted to know anything specific.

*aCe* said...


Thank you for the encouraging words. In the spirit of making the world a better place, I'll try to share what I can ;) Happy New Year to you too!

Giulia said...

Taking this, thank you!