20 Creative Desktop Wallpapers

Feel like buying a new computer but unfortunately your wallet can't afford one right now? Well, new PC (or MAC) just have to wait then. But for now, you can think about getting a new wallpaper instead for your desktop. It's nothing much, but you'll be looking at something fresh and new the next time you turn on your computer. Cheer up, life's not so bad. At least you got a computer to begin with. Who knows, one day you'll be lucky enough to win an Ipad in one of those lucky draws. Anyway, here's our collection of 20 desktop wallpapers. Life is complicated enough, so we chose some simple and minimal design for our collection today.

Lily by A Lily Bloom By fancq @ Deviantart

Aurora1 by pkarwowski Where snowflakes are born by vladstudio.com

By soczi @ Deviantart By digitaljames @ Deviantart

By leecullivan @ flickr @ zastavki.com

Hasn't Spring Just Come by tastychery Reflux by aeiko

Station 23 by RIP Freedom by Rysh

Freedom Flight by MagicalViper @ wallpaper-room.com

Where I end and You Begin by Alfredo Lopez All Star by Patrick MIcka

Fly With Me by Matthew Atkins Lines by Graham Harper

Squiggles by rulfzid Tape by Reborn

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